Riding Our Own Bikes Into China



An exciting morning for us all:  VERY few motorcyclists get to take their own motorcycles into China and ride through this mysterious country.  With the knowledge, experience, and contacts of Globebusters and Edelweiss Bike Travel, we are among the few.  Erwin and Larry demonstrated the giddiness we all were feeling.

At the Laos-China border, many trucks full of teak stumps were heading north.  We wonder what the Chinese do with them.  Maybe make teak bowls?  Locals gathered to examine our route.  The map stickers Erwin and Baerbel made for the group make it easy to explain our trip to those speaking any language.  Larry posed near the Lao border station.  Since I thought I would be too hot during our lengthy border crossing process, I took off my riding suit and bungeed it to the back seat. While we waited at the China entry point, the rain began pelting bikes, riders, and my previously dry riding suit.  If that’s the worst mistake I make on this expedition, I’ll be a fortunate woman.


Paperwork complete, into China, the anticipated toughest country for riding of our trip, we rode.  Yee ha!

Our group dinner was held at the large, round, tables usually used in China.  A Lazy Susan transports food options to all around it.  Peter H and Terry looked less than thrilled.  I think I had just discovered that the piece of chicken I thought was a drumstick turned out to be the head!


The green banana leaf wrapped treats were special for today’s “Dragon Boat Holiday.”  Finding out about this Chinese holiday caused me to think of Nancy Crawford. Nancy is a friend of ours through our Christ The King Lutheran Church.  We have also traveled with her to Israel, Greece, and Turkey.  She, like Larry, is a cancer survivor.  Nancy and her fellow breast cancer survivors compete around the world racing by rowing “Dragon Boats.”  Nancy, we’re celebrating your good health and thinking of you today.



6-Jun   Luang Nam Tha Laos to Mengla, Yunnan, China     64 miles and border crossing


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