Rise Of The Broken Bone Brigade



We have discovered that Martin prefers the easy riding pace that  Larry & I enjoy. Since all three of us have broken bones on the trip (Martin-collar bone and ribs, Larry-leg, ankle and rib, Cathy-leg) and are still(or back) riding, we have dubbed ourselves “The Broken Bone Brigade.”


A World War II memorial was our first photo stop.  Stork nests started to be a frequent feature high above the villages and built on the power poles.  More than one lady came out to see what the three of us were up to when we were taking pictures of the posing birds.  Martin did his best to explain that we were doing.  A man towing a utility trailer seemed much less curious about our activities.


With varied trees and colorful wild flowers, several sections of today’s road reminded me of northern Minnesota.  Realizing how close we are to finishing our trip, I think I’m starting to “smell the barn.”


Large, elegant homes and chalets stood or were being built everywhere.  We started seeing billboards advertising skiing and snowmobiling and license plates from countries including Lithuania, Moldova, and Czech Republic.  We were in a major tourist destination!  Unlike in the USA where dormant ski slopes are unused with the runs lined with trees, this time of year these ski slopes were a patchwork of fertile farm fields.

Horses are beasts of burden in Ukraine.  This one had to work extra hard to pull this wagon with two low tires.




This could well be our last day of seeing the distinctive, onion domed churches.  We’ll soon be out of Orthodox country.  We’ve sure seen some beauties.

22 Jul   Kamianets Podilsky-Uzhgorod Ukraine   315 miles

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  1. betsey says:

    Looking forward to reading about your journey!!!

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