Russia’s Bread Basket

Miles, miles, and more miles of wheat and corn fields lined today’s route.  Sunflower fields joined the mix of crops today.  Combines of a size to rival those in the Midwest USA were hard at work.  A small tractor on a hill served as a memorial to the huge agribusiness in this part of Russia.


Straight roads were perfect for practicing my “on the fly” photography.  Most of the pictures you see from our riding days have been taken by me while moving.  The fast shutter speeds possible on sunny days make for good pictures.  You’ll see fewer landscape pictures from cloudy days.  A 3M lanyard keeps my camera safe even if I have to make a quick grab for the secondhandlebar.


A brand new red Camaro embraced the rough Russian roads.  I would not want to subject such a fine vehicle to pavement like we’ve experienced here.




In Rostov, one of the lovelier hotels of Section 5 welcomed us.  Our sitting room overlooked one of three swimming pools.


To commemorate our final night in Russia, our group was entertained by a Russian music and dance show. My love of accordion music was sated.  It turns out, that unlike the Russian show we saw two years ago, in this one, the audience did most of the dancing.  Larry broke the ice and got our group going. Although I later wound up dancing with the Russians, I found my face, as usual, glued to the video camera’s viewfinder.   Martin & Mick, and later others joined in the action while our entire group enjoyed the  show.


17 Jul   Volgograd to Rostov on Don, Russia      297 miles

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    Loved to read the story, greetings the 3 boys from the ferry Calais-Dover!/med.....038;type=1

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