Section 2 begins

Today is the beginning of Section 2. The group dynamics developed in Section 1 are changing. Three went home and will stay there. One returned to home to attend a sick brother and will rejoin us in Bariloche. We developed into a cohesive group that respect and love each other. Help need not be asked for, it is delivered  without question. Cathy’s pannier was damaged when she went down . Erwin has undertaken to repair it, with Barbel’s help. He already fixed Terry’s while waiting for it to clear customs. Cathy mentioned that we were looking for Dakar Rally stickers and Guenter and Kevin delivered two at our meeting. Guenter found rain boots for us.

One joins us from Switzerland for the rest of the sections. An American will ride to Los Angeles and another to only Bogota. A German plans to ride to LA, but may join us again in Bangkok. Three Brazilians will ride in South America, with one continuing to LA. Peter has already set Cathy up on Skype.

We head 355 miles south on Wednesday morning. It will be good to be back in the saddle after a long layoff. We will discover the riding styles of the newbies and they will learn ours. New riding partnerships will develop. The adventures continue.

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  1. Steve Wood says:

    Larry – just want to give you a big thumbs up. I have been enjoying this blog tremendously and have been sharing with many others. Look forward to your next adventure.

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