Section 2 Riding Complete – Cathy’s Gone Bananas!

Larry flew to Bogota last night! I knew we would be together if I could safely complete our last riding day in South America. Earlier, I had considered consolidating 2 days of riding into 1 to be at the hotel when he arrived. Fortunately, my desire for long term time together beat out the desire for immediate gratification. This last day was rough!

Rain fell most of the morning. I kept reminding myself that this area is so green for a reason. Countless 15mph trucks clogged the 2 lane, twisty, Pan American Highway. Multiple creative passing maneuvers were needed to make any progress. Landslides and miles of tricky road construction added excitement. At least we were well protected! Soldiers are all over this country. I’m not sure what they were doing except looking important.
Maybe it was the treacherous traffic. Maybe it was the fact that banana stands lined large sections of the road. Maybe it was that I was going to reunite with my Sweetie in the evening. Whatever the reason, I was going bananas!
As a result, I bought a few bunches, some yellow, some green. Then I bought a huge bunch of bright green ones, the way they grow on the trees. A well muscled young man delivered the giant bunch and loaded it on the V-Strom. I can only imagine what he was thinking!
Since we regrouped at a restaurant to ride as a team into Bogota, I used the stop to decorate the handlebars of my bike with, of course, bunches of bananas.

Larry was waiting for us with a big smile on his face and a beer for me in his hand. Yee ha! I made it!

6-Mar Alcala to Bogota 215 miles

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3 Responses to “Section 2 Riding Complete – Cathy’s Gone Bananas!”

  1. Dale and Cindy Leppo says:

    Cathy AND Larry, Glad to hear that you are back together! I just re-read much of the Section 2 coverage for two reasons.
    The first is that Cindy and I were on a swamp tour last week in Louisiana with a couple who had just ridden from Alberta to Ushuaia and were now touring the Southeast US on their matched white F650GS bikes and Hi-Viz yellow Olympia jackets. I wanted to see if you had met up with them on the way, but it appears not. The second reason I read most of Section 2 is that your blog is such a GREAT read. I really felt like I was (almost) with you through the trials, tribulations and wonders of South America. Best wishes for safe and exciting travels to all for Section 3! Dale and Cindy

  2. Glad to hear that Larry is back on the road again. Beautiful day here in Atlanta. Be safe and know that CTK is following you and keeping you in our prayers.

    Veloy and Bob
    Veloy Reynders recently posted..If Patience Is A Virtue- I’m More Virtuous Than I Thought

  3. Fritz Rohrer says:

    Cathy and Larry,

    Just caught up on reading March entrees…It sounds like a marvelous trip. I am so happy that Larry is back with you on the trip. I know you both will enjoy it so much more. Ed and I are keeping you in our prayers.


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