Siberian Express

Water droplets moved horizontally across our face shields as we forged west.  I can only imagine what a similar north wind would feel like during the Siberian winter.  As the water permeated our riding suits after being only slowed down by our rain suits, the cold penetrated deeper.  By our Subway lunch top, the temp was down to 50F, a bone chilling 50 degrees. Both Larry & I ordered our sandwiches toasted.



I was teasing Terry about having a “bad hair day.”  Here we’re just trying to stay warm and safely navigate the bumpy Russian roads and I’m giving him a hard time about his “do.”  Terry is a very special man:  a graduate of the Air Force Academy and, with his wife, Mary, a successful business owner.  He relinquished a long held leadership position in his church in Jacksonville, FL, prior to our adventure.  Terry is just a great, positive, man and an excellent motorcyclist.  Since leaving Meiming last November, he and his bike have not missed one mile of this expedition.  He’s the only American who can say that.  Terry, you still have bad hair today.


Martin programmed his GPS in the rain, ready for the final push to Chelyabinsk.  He does not look like one who is recovering from breaking his collar bone and ribs in China, but he is.



During WW II, Chelyabinsk was a major tank producing city.  Now tractors are built here.  It has the reputation for being one of the most polluted places on earth.  Guess I wouldn’t go for a swim in the river even if it were not freezing cold.



Remember when we showed you the buckets of mushrooms being sold along the road?  Well, now we know where some of them were destined – dishes on the special “mushroom menu” at our hotel restaurant.  Rather than brave the cold & rain to stroll “Revolution Square,” we joined Erwin & Barbel for a delicious mushroom infused dinner.


11 Jul   Kurgan to Chelyabinsk Russia  175 miles

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