Learned a new word in Spanish yesterday, “sobreelevado.” It means bone jarring, teeth rattling speed bump/pedestrian cross walk. The suggested crossing speed is 30kph. Anything faster than that is pain inflicting.

 Sunny and mid-forties when we left Granada. The port of Algeciras lay 60 miles away. We went up to 3,200 ft. and down to 32F. More beautiful twisty one and two lane roads, but now it is sunny nd we can enjoy the vistas. The sun was just coming over the peaks and would occasionally blind us. Oncoming traffic was light and we were riding spiritedly. White washed villages glistened below us. We wound our way down and onto the coastal plain. Richard found the queue lanes for our ferry and we lined up to board our boat to Morocco.

 I’m hoping Morocco will be warm and dry. All these layers of clothing are not easy. Liquid elimination requires pulling down the rain pants, unzipping the riding pants, heated pants liner, pants and opening the long underwear. Getting ready to ride means pulling on electrical pant liners and pulling out the cords for the boot liners, putting on an elastic so the cord will stay down when the riding pants go on. Then we plug in the boots and put them on. The jacket liner is next and remember to pull out the glove cords and hold them when putting the riding jacket. Plug the controller into the jacket and pants and zip things up. Climb on the bike and plug the controller into the battery lead, put on the gloves and put them on. Start the bike. Oh, for sunny and 60.

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  1. Pam Wickham says:

    OK, now I am up to date. I was a little hasty on the last post. Morocco has to be warmer and drier than Europe. However, careful what you wish for!

    A little GA/MN love sent your way!

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