Thank you for shopping at Walmart

Sunday, January 2 and it’s time to ride again. We head off to Lujan, about 45miles away to visit their basilica. At the exit from the motorway, we see a Walmart, with a big security fence around it. Of course, we had to go in! It was smaller than US stores, but well stocked. We found Dove deodorant, chain lube, and some material for Cathy to add some ventilation to our riding suits. They even had an ATM so we could get some pesos. We had parked the bikes with other motorcycles near the front of the store. Many people gathered around to inspect them.

People wanted to get pictures of their kids or themselves with us and thebikes. From right is Omar, Karina, Alejandro and Mirta. Omar spoke good English and asked if we’d like to go back to their place and have lunch. We left the parking lot, crossed over dirt to get on an entrance ramp and followed their Subaru Forrester back to their campground about 3 miles away. Each couple lived in Buenos Aires and had a camper trailer. We created quite a stir with the campers and they gathered around to see us. We walked back to Alejandro and Mirta’s trailer and he becan to fix us Pollo a’la disco. This was a big metal skillet filled with vegatables and chicken. It was fabulous.  Other neighbors came to visit and practice their English. This is how the locals spend their Sunday. They pull their trailers to this campsite every weekend and visit with their family and friends. We saw others just pull off the motorway in the shade of a tree and have a picnic. Some brought their quads and rode around the land near the freeway. The freeway was on the route of Dakar Rally and Alejandro made a film of their passing with his cell phone. We had a great visit and headed back to our hotel for our evening meeting. It was great to be riding again.

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  1. Dear Larry and Cathy, was a pleasure to have shared a lunch with you …
    Hope you have a great trip to Argentina.
    And remember: The day always has many surprises …

    Sincerely, Omar and Karina – Alejandro and Mirtha.

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