Today We Chose The Road More Traveled


Option # 1 for today’s ride was 320 miles over the mountains. A high altitude dense cloud cover suggested that the numerous small villages and 40 miles of dirt riding would be wet. Option # 2 was 330 miles of busier paved road through the valleys. With Larry’s rib still causing pain, my left toes still looking like little blood sausages, and the pain in my left ankle prominent every time I shift, we chose the road more traveled.

It wound up being a delightful day. Many modest homes circled a beautiful, large lake. Our bikes gathered a crowd when Reinhard (pineapple man), Ernst, Larry and I stopped at a fruit stand.
As we neared our destination, Copan, we saw over 100 huge greenhouses. Tomatoes, peppers, and other warm weather veggies need this protection to flourish in the high altitude. Angela, our Honduran hostess, and her New York City-born husband, Howard, own a bed and breakfast inn with an incredible veranda from which to watch the sunset.

21-Mar Danli to Copan, Honduras 330 miles

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  1. Dale and Cindy Leppo says:

    Cathy and Larry, Cindy and I have been sharing stories from your blog with several of our motorcycling friends and also with a few non-riders. The motorcyclists are impressed with your adventures, your skills and your perseverance. The non-riders usually have a difficult time understanding and ask “They’re doing What?!?!” Enjoy the ride! Dale and Cindy

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