Today We Lost A Friend



Our day started as an adventure rider’s dream:  challenging, muddy pothole-filled roads, interesting mountain and valley scenery.  For one of our friends, the day took a major turn.


After the most physically demanding portion of today’s route, the five riding together stopped to have a beverage and a short rest.  After dismounting his bike, Reinhard Grebasch grabbed his chest and collapsed.  Kevin administered CPR until the second ambulance arrived.  The first represented a hospital that did not have the capabilities of treating an apparent heart attack.  Two hours after collapsing, Reinhard was pronounced dead.  He never regained consciousness.


Reinhard was a gruff, stubborn, 66 year-old, German with a heart of gold.  When we celebrated Christmas in Buenos Aires, he was our Santa, arriving with presents riding on a hotel luggage cart.  Each of us had received from him a little, big-beaked, bird to decorate our bikes.  Larry and I have smiley face stickers in the colors of the Colombian flag on our bikes courtesy of Reinhard.


When Larry broke his leg and had to spend a few days alone in Buenos Aires, Reinhard who arrived there one day later to have some major work done on his motorcycle, took care of Larry.  He ran many errands and served Larry his breakfast from the buffet every day.

Just yesterday, we enjoyed touring the Swallows Cave, nesting grounds for 250,000 swallows, with Reinhard.  He was enjoying life, and this trip, to the fullest.


Reinhard, our expedition will not be the same without you.  We love you and we will miss you.


12-Jun   Miyi to Shimian 209 miles

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One Response to “Today We Lost A Friend”

  1. Hildegard Fritsch says:

    Your group, but especially Reinhard’s wife or companion,
    have my sincere and deepest sympathy in the unexpected,
    sudden death of such a good friend. I can feel your saddened and broken hearts.
    My best wishes for Gunter. May his broken leg heal well. I can well imagine how much both of these men will be missed on your continued journey. God be with you all! Hildegard

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