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Jeff and Mick, both whom we had met on earlier sections of the Discover Our Earth Expedition, were sights for sore, and healing eyes.  Mick was learning the Globebuster ropes as an apprentice guide during Section 1, Europe, Morocco, and Western Sahara.  Jeff had driven the support van and fixed all our flat tires, bent rims, and anything else needed during Sections 2 & 3, South and Central America.  Both also happen to be great guys.  After a very late night arrival, as soon as we had had our breakfast, Jeff whisked Chuck and us off to the Laos Embassy to apply for visas. Since it was Friday, the last business day of the Thai week, we were the Guinea pigs to see how the visa process would work. We’re back to the adventure travel routine!

The Bangkok Harley shop just happened to be near the Laotian Embassy and was the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and shop while our visas were processed.

Globebusters selected The Lebua hotel for our time in Bangkok.  What a place!  The health club is larger than those at many “for profit” gyms.  Our sitting room allowed plenty of space for our dear friend June to join us for a few days. Yes, June, who visited us in Buenos Aires, came to Asia too.  Kevin called her a “Globebusters Groupie.”

With our picking up the bikes at Customs (the painful process which Larry described in an earlier post) and getting them in for much needed service, our time with June was limited.  As has been true throughout our history,  we friends can pack a lot of memories into a short time.

While exploring on her own, June met a woman who had enjoyed the Samphran Elephant Park.  The three of us enjoyed the elephant show, ride and crocodile wrestling.  All of us took turns feeding the elephants bananas.  An orchid nursery contained amazing varieties in an extremely humid and hot environment.  We didn’t last long in there.

With approaching storms lighting up the sky, June, Larry & I enjoyed a beer at the 64th floor outdoor bar.  A great place for watching people and the weather.  Later, June & I were pampered with 90 minute Thai massages that started with a foot bath and rub.  Fabulous!

Scooters are used to pull mobile billboards through the horrendous Bangkok traffic.  That’s not a riding job that I would want.  Our bikes were ready for pick up at Red Baron Motorcycles.  Larry & I safely navigated back to the hotel, our first unescorted riding in Thailand.

Knowing how I had wanted to get an opal in Australia, our riding companions, Baerbel and Erwin from Germany, brought me a beautiful silver, kangaroo shaped pendant with a fiery opal stone set in the center.  Ernst, from Italy, and Reinhard, from Germany, found this cute, red, motorcycle fashioned by a street artisan and gave it to me.  We have surely made some special friends on this trip.

A true Thai group dinner was our kick-off for Section 5.  Yeeee-ha!

19-27 May     Bangkok – time to be tourists

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