Traveling with Allah

Morocco is predominately Muslim. Nearly all women outside the cities are covered in flowing gowns with pants underneath and only the face and hands showing. A few wear gloves and only the eyes are shown. Sometimes women wear jeans and a sweater,but a scarf on their head. Rarely do we see a woman’s head,which begs the question, are they non-Muslim or non-traditional. In the cities, especially around colleges, many young heads are not covered. Men usually have a cap on their head and occasionally a scarf or traditional robe.

Approaching villages, the tallest building seen is the minaret of the mosque and sometimes it’s adorned by a birds nest or trumped by a cellphone tower. Around the top are loudspeakers that tell people when it’s time to pray. In one village we saw a man standing on the balcony and calling out. Gas stations have rooms with rugs on the floor and a sign that labeled “mosque.” It is now 0600 and we hear a call to prayer. It lasts for four minutes.

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