Triptus Interuptus, Part Duex

Sorry it’s been so long since the last post. Here’s the story: Cathy has family history of glaucoma, but had been able to control it for five years. In South America it got out of control. By the time we got to Mexico, she knew she had to get some help. Section 3 finished in Los Angeles and she made an appointment with a glaucoma specialist at UCLA Medical Center, hoping that they could give her solution that would allow her to complete the expedition. The doctors examined her and said that if she wanted to save the remaining vision in her eye, immediate surgery was required. We had the surgery and bade our friends a tearful “hasta la vista” as they left for Australia, the only continent we have yet to explore.

The lead doctor felt that she could recover in time to rejoin the group five weeks later in Asia. The trabeculectomy went well and he wanted Cathy back the next day for follow-up. That went well and he said to come back in a week. Wanting to be close in case something went awry, we toured California, visiting friends, Yosemite and Death Valley. The following check-up went well, but the pressure was still a little high, so he cut one of the sutures to let more fluid drain out. “Come back next Friday. If all looks good, you can be on your way.” Riding high, we flew back to Atlanta to tidy up some things and prepare for Section Five.

Cathy flew out to California the next week for what we hoped would be her final visit. Larry drove up to Minnesota and Cathy would fly there after her appointment. Unfortunately, the eye had lost too much pressure. Our doctor injected more fluid in her eye and told her to come back Monday. Her eye continued to lose fluid over the weekend and Monday’s check showed it to be low again. Another injection and “come back tomorrow.” Larry flew to UCLA for Tuesday’s check-up. “It’s up a little. We’ll check it again tomorrow,” was the phrase repeated the next two days. On Friday he said the pressure was low, but OK. He wanted her to come back on Monday for a final check and not to eat or drink anything, in case he had to go back in and replace the stitch. We toured the Reagan Presidential Library and saw old friends over the weekend, but uncertainty cast a cloud over everything.

Monday’s visit went very well, with the pressureback  up in the normal range. The doctor was pleased and released Cathy to continue on our trip. We flew back to MN and began preparing for Bangkok. Our visas are ready and the bikes are on their way from LA to Thailand. Energy and enthusiasm are returning and we hope to get the blog back up to date before we leave Bangkok. A local opthamologist checked Cathy’s eye this morning and didn’t find anything that would delay our trip. We board our first flight tomorrow.  We’ll be on the road again!

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  1. Jan Basehart says:

    Best of luck to you both. Sorry I missed you in California, but I will be heading that way in about 6 weeks for the WOW Ride In. Have fun!

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