Turtle Farm Respite (May 10-16, 2011)

(events of May 10-16, 2011, during trip interruption due to Cathy’s emergency eye surgery) written June 2)

If missing out on our 1st trip to Australia could in any way be considered being lucky, at least the timing was.  We had been able to celebrate Easter Sunday at our church and with our “Easter Family.”  Timing again was on our side for another family tradition – The Minnesota Fishing Opener. In the land where outdoor sports are king and queen, the annual fishing season opener is huge.   This year, Minnesota’s Governor chose Grand Rapids, our summer home town, as the location for him to participate in the fishing opener.  I don’t know of any other state where this is an official governmental event.

Since building Turtle Farm, my brother, his wife and daughter, parents-in-law, grandmother-in-law, and a close friend of theirs have frequently joined us for this annual optimists’ weekend.  My parents, whose cottage is a quarter-mile down the road, share in the festivities as well.  This year, my cousin LaVonne, a fishing enthusiast, whose husband is serving his 4th tour of duty in a Middle-east war zone, drove up from southern Minnesota with her mother, my Aunt Dolores, another with fishing in her blood.


Kaitlyn, our niece, couldn’t get enough of her “Uncle Larry.”

A few fish cooperated and a good time was had by all.  We even had time to re-pack all our motorcycle gear – destination Bangkok!


10-May     Our week in Minnesota prior to returning to the Discover Our Earth Expedition

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