Ushuaia revisited

Having reached our goal of the “Fin del Mundo,” it was time for a rest day. We happened to stay at the Hotel Albatros, the same hotel that Larry, my parents and I had enjoyed before. What a trip down memory lane! The pizza place where we had celebrated five years ago. The seafood restaurant from which we had purchased a logo plate which we now enjoy using at Turtle Farm.

Thomas Bridges, an orphan from Bristol, Great Britain, established Ushuaia in 1884. This southernmost city in the world has grown since our 1st visit. A shiny, new casino protrudes among the quaint waterfront buildings of old. The road to the national park seemed to have much more traffic. One thing that had not changed were the beautiful flowers. With long summer growing days and frequent and plentiful rain, the lupines, pansies, and grass were all lush. We were fortunate to have a rare 2 consecutive days without rain. Building painters were out in droves taking advantage of the opportunity.

I rode to the modern airport, well used by those arriving to depart by boat for Antarctica as well as to hike through mountainous Tierra del Fuego and, especially, in its national park. Then it was time to wash my bike, covered in gravel dust and mud, and to relax with a manicure and pedicure.

Our friend Barbel, the only other women circumnavigating the globe, was celebrating her birthday. In German tradition, she treated us all to a lovely dinner. Gift opening, cake eating and helping her drink her gift of Baileys capped the evening.

15-Jan C  Ushuaia, Argentina

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