Water crossings

Kevin opened the riders meeting congratulating everybody for making it through the rain and wind. He laid out the route to Cascades D’Ouzoud and said that the scouted river crossing might be a little tough because of the rain and it may be too difficult and they’d have to turn around and backtrack 75 km and get to the hotel rather late, or we could take the direct route on the highway. “Remember you’re not on a holiday, you’re on an adventure.” After today’s struggles, most riders opted for the main road.

Mick said that he would lead us out of town to the main road, but had to hurry to the hotel and really couldn’t lead a group ride. With that expectation, we set off.  Evidently he changed his mind and lead us out of town on a more direct, but really gorgeous route. It was raining like crazy and wind was blowing strongly again. Cathy said that this must be what it was like to ride in a hurricane. We got about thirty five mile from the hotel and came upon a raging river. The current was so swift, we had to turn around and head back towards town and take the main road after all. It was no bargain either. The wind and rain picked up and we still had water on the road in many places. We would have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear, because our lane was flooded. It was so deep that water came up over my boots on the footpegs. Our last 19 miles into hotel had 27 water crossings to contend with on a twisty one-lane mountain road. We didn’t get there until almost dark. When we arrived the “adventure club” was alredy  in the bar. Kevin had taken a pair of waders and walked out into their crossing and found no obstacles. They all struggled, but made it through successfully.

GlobeBusters notifies the British travel authorities about their planned route and receives notifications about possible trouble spots. They received one last night and it was a warning about extreme weather in Morocco! Tomorrow it is supposed to clear.

Tuesday 30 November – 275 miles

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