Western Comfort Food – Yeah!


Rock walls, arched bridges and rock slides greeted us around every corner of our serpentine road along the Yellow River.  Had the weather cooperated, the photo opps would have been outstanding.  One bride and groom chose this day to have pictures taken high above the river at a look out.  Frajo and several 0f us joined in the fun.


Trucks piled high with everything are found on every road.  We swerve very wide when we pass them.  It seems as though one quick maneuver and they’d tip over.  China has many nuclear power plants.  Unlike the USA where they seem to be outside of cities, reactor cooling towers can be found near strip malls and homes.

Xi’an, the home of the “Terracotta Warriors,” was today’s destination.  For 2 nights, the Bell Tower Hotel, where our room overlooks the 14th century Bell Tower, will be our home.  As we have found in several Chinese hotels, this one has condoms in the room.  Sometimes complimentary, sometimes on the mini bar price list.  We’re not sure if they’re trying to control STDs or support the 1 child/couple policy.  Not only does our room overlook the bell tower, it overlooks a huge McDonald’s.  Kevin couldn’t wait to get to his table to dive into classic American comfort food.



Xi’an is a huge, modern city.  Yet it is a city of contrasts.  Larry and I bought some Rainier Cherries from a woman selling them on the sidewalk.  Her fingers had a great supply of garden dirt under each nail .  One block later, we reached an inner-city Walmart.  There, the bananas were tightly shrink-wrapped and the young lady distributing beverage samples was wearing plastic gloves and a face mask for cleanliness.

Even though we were not in the market for any cleaning supplies, the cleaning aisle is a great place to look for 3M products.  As a 3M retiree, I was delighted to see that Walmart here stocks a nice variety of Scotch Brite products.  These are the first 3M retail products we have seen on shelves in Asia, and we’ve been looking.



After days of noodles and stir fry, Kevin invited those interested to join him for an evening at a French restaurant.  Six of us headed to the top floor of a nearby building and were in for a treat.  For the first time in our lives, we were handed Apple I-Pads as menus.  We scrolled through the screens in search of the perfect meal.  Larry & I both chose Filet Mignon.  A violinist serenaded us as we enjoyed our break from the noodles.


18-Jun   Yang Xian to Xi’an       160 miles

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  1. MARIA says:

    is that an egg on your plate with the filet mignon?
    or maybe a fig?

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