What a difference the day makes

Our luck with the weather ran out when we left Ushuaia. Significant rain at departure time led me to suit up fully. After having my boots soaked for days in Morocco, and taking at least four sunny days to dry out each time, I had asked June to bring our rubber over-boots to Buenos Aires. Sure we had used our Seal Skinz waterproof socks, which had kept our feet dry. Now I consider waterproof socks to be the “Morning After Pill” of the wet foot prevention business. Rubber boots prevent trouble, waterproof socks mitigate the damage once the leather is soaked.

Remember my mentioning the 70 miles of gravel crossing the Chile-Argentina border? Traveling south, we had experienced extremely windy and dry conditions. Today the wind was much more calm. The rain had replaced the dust with mud puddles. Actually, riding the dirt was so much easier when damp and without the wind that I was able to do exactly what Kevin had suggested: take my time, stop and enjoy the scenery. I finally got some decent pictures of guanacos.

Cerro Sombrero, Chile, was our destination. The sleepy town of 1,000 had virtually nothing open on a Sunday. The one motel had no Wi-Fi but it had an outdoor hose so I proceeded to wash about 8 of our group’s bikes. I sure had an appetite for our steak dinner.

After dinner, we visited with Germans traveling in a “rolling hotel” and toured their accommodations. Apparently these units have been traveling the world for 30 years. The bus/van unit provides seating for travelers during the daytime. At night, they park in a campground or hotel that can provide such essentials as bathrooms. Each person had a cubby hole for sleeping. Some of they guys joked that it looked like a morgue. After many nights sleeping in wet tents, it looked like a pretty good idea to me for the budget minded traveler.

16-Jan C Ushuaia, Argentina – Cerro Sombrero, Chile 250 miles

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