Working Class Town


Rain, again, made optional side trips to see Buddhist Cave Art and a major temple not appealing.  The expected song bird and fruit vendors and “Mile 30” in the Route Notes were taking the rainy day off.

These fat pigs were probably wishing that their owners were daunted by the rain since they looked to be going to market.  I wondered what my cousin Dawn, and her husband Roger, would think of these pigs?  They raise pigs and private label their own pork, see  One time when Larry & I were visiting their farm, Roger took us for a tour of the pig barns.  He quickly identified and pointed as to which pigs would be sold as Prairie Pride and which would be headed for the hog market.


Our adjusted schedule meant that tonight would be spent in a working class town rather than near the nature preserve.  As much as we enjoy nature, to us, Discovering Our Earth is as much about walking the streets and seeing how the locals live.  Yang Xian was not a disappointment.

Erwin and Baerbel found a bike shop that mounted a mud flap on their BMW.  I suspect that it will be quite a conversation piece back home in Germany.

Our hotel had a sign that read “Chinese Restaurant.”  How silly that seemed – all the restaurants we’ve seen in the past 3 ½ weeks have been Chinese.


Local men played a board game on the sidewalk.  Nearby, smaller vegetable gardens found their place between the asphalt and concrete.  Around the corner, a huge area between the retail area and what looked to be housing was growing tons of veggies.  A shiny HP store was next door to a sign shop.


At least 25 shops appeared to sell home components:  everything from lumber to electrical components to a lime green toilet.  If all those stores joined forces, they could be a Chinese “Home Depot.”


One side of the street had a simple store that sold only eggs. On the other side, a brightly lit mall had a book section full of children thumbing through their options. “Fathers’ Day” has apparently become a marketing tool in China as it was used for advertising to draw shoppers into the mall.


Our “working class town” evening was everything we had hoped it would be.

17-Jun   Guangyuan to Yang Xian   175 miles

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  1. Lois says:

    Great to hear that you are having a good ride even with all the tragedy and illnesses. Roy must be part Chinese as he plants our garden among the shrubs and it is a scavenger hunt to find the beans, cukes and squash. I have been out picking those and blueberries this morning. Have a good day and ride safe.

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