Yet Another Set Of Tires


By 8am, all riders were at the BMW shop in Bogota. The original plan was for my Suzuki to receive new tires, its 4th set during this trip, at the BMW shop. I would then take it to Suzuki for its oil change and other regular service. Because Larry had stocked us with key parts and a filter wrench, the BMW shop said it could do the entire service. This would save me or us a day of sitting waiting to shuttle the bike.

So what would we think of doing with the rest of our day? Go to the Harley shop, of course. A 20 minute cab ride and we were at a beautiful Harley Davidson dealership, complete with friendly employees. They were interested in our trip so Larry gave them a tour of our website. They had great T-shirts featuring 2 red love birds sitting on the Harley logo with the tag line below, “We Live Dangerously.” Needless to say, we will enjoy them in our collection when we return home.

Motorcycle attire is a bit different in Colombia than at home or in all the other countries which we have visited. About 10 years ago, there were many drive-by shootings FROM motorcycles. This led to the requirement that all riders wear conspicuity vests posting their assigned ID number. In some areas, so many drug related shootings were being done by motorcycle passengers that riders were no longer allowed to carry passengers in those areas. The passenger restriction has since been lifted but there still is a loosely followed requirement of the vest and/or helmet ID.

Also a carry over from more violent times is that stopping is not required at red lights after dark. People were getting shot while they waited for the light to change. Some of our guys, while crossing streets at night, assumed that vehicles would stop for red lights. They found out otherwise, luckily unharmed. Bogota has changed a lot. We felt as safe as we would feel in other big cities. Behind Mexico City and New York, at 7.3 million, Bogota is the 3rd largest city in the Americas.
Instead of an immediate return from the Harley shop to the hotel, we decided to stroll through the area and find a place for lunch. Larry has a tradition of trying pizza in every country he visits. Since this is our first visit to Colombia, The City Pizza House that has been in business since 1969 was our choice. After eating a medium 4 cheese pie, I’m not sure how they have stayed in business this long. At least the beer was cold, local, and delicious.
Since tonight we’d be having a late dinner and celebrating the conclusion of Discover Our Earth Section 2, a nap was in order. During our evening’s “Group Meal,” Larry and I shared a huge, bone-in rib-eye steak for 2. As most of our South American steaks have been, it was delicious. I’m so happy that Larry was here to share in the celebration. It will be even better when he can again celebrate successful completion of each segment. 2 done, 3 more to go!

7-Mar Bogota “Rest” Day

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